Binged out
Day 3 - June 21 

This was the plan.
Apparently I’m a lot lamer then I thought since I couldn’t stick to it. /:

Workout: Ran 1.5 miles. BOGGED the whole entire way. Did 3 sets of 30 of Bent Over Rows with 2 lb weights. Tried to do the Tuesday insert from the Seventeen Magazine right after my run and it was way to much effort right after my run, so I’m going to do it later tonight (its only 7 here right now). I WILL DO IT! lol. Cancel that second run. I’m gonna give myself a break and only do one 1.5 mile run a day unless I can start getting my butt out of bed earlier.

Food: I really, really need to stop eating fast food. I had McDonald’s for breakfast. Tuna sandwich and a salad for lunch. And I’m thinking Subway for dinner since (suprisingly) I still have like 550 calories left. I’d rather spend it on a nice Subway sandwich then junk food. Which knowing me I will if I have extra calories like that.

Water: I’m on like cup 5 now, I’ll be at 8 before bed. I’m usually pretty good at sticking to that one. lol. Something I did learn about this is do NOT force yourself to drink lots of water in a short amount of time, it actually kinda starts to make you feel sick.

Workout song of the day: Domestic Fuss, Innavision. Go check it out! (: <— (Something new I’m thinking of starting, featuring one song that I worked out to today that I liked.)

Hope everyone else is doing good and sticking to their plans!